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What to ask when buying a laser cutting machine? Answered

Hello, I am new to laser cutting machines, I need some guidelines, I need laser cutter to cut fabric or engrave wood and plastic, I contacted a manuacturer is China and they have a 40 Watt machine with 60cm X 40cm cutting area, for approx. $4000 (Canadian) the same type of machine here in Canada is approx. $12,000+ tax, so why the Chinese machine is so much cheaper ? quality ? but how bad could it be?? my main question is what do I need to know when I am buying a laser cutter? and what shall I ask the Chinese manufacturer to make sure I am geting the right machine.


Hi This is Alice from Jinan Finework cnc machinery co,ltd ,we are specialized in laser machines .The chinese machines yes it is much cheaper ,in china is a lot of people the Artificial Production cost is lower than other country ,and the laser machine produce in china not need many certification ,but it can not say chinese machines is all bad quanlity ,it need you find a good supplier to sure provide you a good machine .To find a good supplier ,you may need inspect their website ,aftersale ,wantary ,and the most important it is Service attitude, many customer want buy a cheapest machine ,but they ignore one thing ,service is need cost too ,the cheapest machine will not have a good aftersale service .So when buying a machine you need compare price ,consifgurations and service attitude .

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Working bed: 12″x20″ (300mm x 500mm)
Maximum thickness of material with tray installed: 0.5″ (13mm)
Maximum thickness of material with tray removed: 1.5″ (38mm)
Focus range: 0.5″ (13mm)


when you buy laser machine, there are main 2 question to decide the laser machine.

1 engrave or cut, if cut, the materials thickness

2 the materials maximum area

it's really that the machine you buy from chine will be cheap. the quality maybe same.

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Once you've narrowed down the parameters you need for actually using the cutter, ask the manufacturer if it can fit into your door frame and if you need a forklift to unload it! Ask if you can break machine down to smaller modules and assemble back at the permanent location. These can be a real b**ch to deliver and install, especially the ones with larger frames.

I have been using Chinese Laser cutting machine for almost six months. There are quality problems like everything they use are low cost items, but the replacement is also cheap. You can buy three machines for the cost of one Canadian. So even if you throw the first machine after 5 years, it will still be worth considerate. If you can tell me the working area of the bed you require, the exact material with thickness you want to process (cut or engrave?) I can suggest you the lazer wattage you require. What is your application I mean you want to fit it in a rigrous production plan, or you want to use it with lesser frequency? Please locate a ChineseManufacturer which is not the cheapest. There are high end as well as low end manufacturers please avoid the lowest ones. Also you can ask manufacturer if they have shipped any machine to Canada, you can crosscheck with the user in Canada before proceeding.Regards-Adeem

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I got the advise to buy one of the "brand" machines, which uses better components and give much better services and warrenties. If you get a Trotec, Epilog or GCC you should be better.

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The Chinese one was probably mass produced, the Canadian is sure better than any american one.  The quality is the same but I'd say the Chinese one will break after 5 years or so according to my experience

take my advice and what ever you do dont buy the one from china. things made in china tend to not work most of the time. i would get it from the canadian seller because you want quality.

Most likely, unfortunately, it is probably just a more cheaply-made machine. Either that, or the Chinese version is missing features like ventilation (VERY important for wood or plastic--it keeps the flame down and prevents excess charring or melting), or a "honeycomb" to sit it on (again, important for ventilation, plus it protects the bed of the cutter). I dunno, dude. The huge price difference might be worth it if you're not doing uber-professional projects. It seems compatible with most comp. programs that Canadian/US systems would be with. I second Kiteman on makign sure you're able to get help with it after buying. Best of luck, hope that helped, and enjoy it, whatever you end up getting. These are really nifty machines!

Ooh, sorry, forgot: 40 Watts should be fine for what you plan to do. If you plan on vector cutting things like acryllic, wood, etc, you might want to go higher. The cutter I've used is 60 W, and it cuts through anything but thick, tough metal.

Power = speed.
Your additional on costs may be a filter system to remove fumes (essential) and a blower to cool materials

2000 hours of use may be optimistic - but they are supplying an extra laser. They can be regenerated at lower costs than new.

great machines - have fun.

Possibly because you are buying directly from manufacture and no middle man. So you get basically wholesale prices. Other than that I know nuthing about laser cutters

the price they gave me is CIF Vancouver , so I just have to pay the custom and bring it to my shop. The speak very highly of their procust and custoemr service, and they tell me the only thing that may go wrong after 2000 hrs of use is the laser tube and they will send me one extra in case I need to change that and replacement bulb costs $100 and its as easy as changing a light bulb.

Laser-type Hermetic and detached CO2 laser tube Laser-power 40W(60W for option) Cooling mode Circulating-water-cooling Power adjusting 0-100%controlling,no segment and adjusting by software Machine control and drive Speedy DSP controlling, steper motor Max engraving speed 1200mm/s Max cutting speed 500mm/s Repeating location ±0.01mm Minimum Character Chinese character 1.5mm, christcross-row 1mm Max power 750W Adjustable up-down distance of laser head 20mm Working travel area 600*400mm, 600mm width with infinity material-feeding Table area 650*450mm Up-down range of working table mechanical 400mm Working voltage AC220V 50HZ Working environment Temperature: 0-45℃,Humidity: 5%-95%,and congeal-water removed Controlling software language Simplified Chinese,complicated Chinese, English, and procuring of multi-languages Dictate format *.plt,*.dst,*.dxf,*.bmp,*.dwg,*.al,*las, Support AutoCAD,CoreDraw direct outputting

Sadly, I don't own a laser cutter, but, if I got one I would ask about:

  • the size of the beam (how narrow could it focus?)
  • what materials could it cut?
  • how deep could it cut or engrave?
  • how fast?
  • how would you control it, what kind of files could it accept?
  • what sort of extra connections would you need? Cooling? Vents? Special power requirements?
  • Does the cheap one come with a computer?
  • what is the after-sales service like? If it dies after a month, how do you get it fixed or replaced from China? Are spares readily obtainable in your own country?
  • shipping costs & times? Insurance?