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What to buy if your a beginner Answered

Hello, I'm 13 and I want to get started in electronics. I know how to solder and read basic schematics and I have two of those 200 in 1 electronics sets. I am about to make an order for some components from www.bitsbox.co.uk.
This is what I have so far, anything you would add or remove? (I couldn't easily get the quantities)
pp3 battery clips
2 x AA Battery Holder
3 x AA Battery Holder
11 wire single core bundle
1uF 50V Electrolytic Radial
100uF 25V Electrolytic Radial
220uF 16V Electrolytic Radial
22uF 50V Electrolytic Radial
25-way PCB D-connector Plug
Prototyping breadboard 80x60
Watch crystal
1N4001 Rectifier Diode 1A 50V
Stripboard 95x64
White LED 5mm 30000mcd
24V 16A SPST K4TA24 Relay
Piezo Transducer with Flying Leads
7805 voltage regulator (to get a steady 5v from a wall wart for the breadboard)
NE555 timer IC
2N3904 NPN transistor
BC213 Transistor
lm386 op-amp
Standard Toggle SPST

I have a multimeter, resistors and LEDs and I am buildng an attiny 2313 programmer as well as adding to my collection.


Thanks for your suggestions guys, I will bear those things in mind


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Cool, good luck then. I was going to get started with attiny's as well, but due to moving to a different appartment, it got a bit forgotten. Say, do you have any idea how much attiny-microcontrollers cost over there? Im still looking for a cheap source within europe, prefferably a attiny11 or something cheaper. (I saw the ATTiny 2313-20PU is 0.31 Pounds cheaper here though :-) )

The cheapest source I found for components was futurlec. I had one order with them but then i read a store review from ciao that was bad. The only problem I had was very slow shipping. The only other decent priced place I found that ships to Europe was bitsbox so thats who I will use their microcontrollers are here.

The cheapest source of components I've found is electronic junk in the trash. I warm up the boards with a soldering iron and pull parts off with pliers or something else. Respect the soldering iron. :)

. For misc components, I keep a stash of old PCBs in a box. When I would get real bored, I'd get out my references, fire up a desoldering tool, and go to work. Not only do you get a lot of good, free parts (usually, only one or two components are bad on a board and often it is obvious which ones are bad) it's great experience (amazing what you can learn when you try to figure out what a XXX chip does). After a while, you can ID op-amps, zeners, etc on sight.

Seems like stuff here in germany is not that expensive after all :-) I usualy order stuff at reichelt.de, which is rather cheap even on low quantites. Pollin.de is cheap too, but only sells sell-out items and stuff like that. If you ever need something cheap in larger quantities I could mail it :-)

Are you just building up your electronics arsenal, or do you have something in mind that you specifically want to make?

I am adding to my arsenal as well as making an attiny programmer. I was just wondering if there was anyhting else you guys thought might come in useful.

Add some magnets to the list. NeoDimium (dymium?) A good pair of diagonal cutters (dikes). Wire stripper would be nice. Solder sucker. Flux. Some kind of buzzer or beeper. (they're just handy)

Are you building a attiny-programmer? I believe there are some simpler circuits. Also, I do not see any resistors on your list. Get some, they cost a few cents and come in handy (plus you can use them in series or paralell to modify the resitance value up or down,so a few in the area of 2x1k, 2x50k, 2x100k is a start, the more the better... Or maybee even a cariable resitor, though for the price you usualy get a handfull of regular ones.) Also, do you have a multimeter?

Yes, I have a multimeter and I already have resistors and LEDs (sorry I thought i put that in... and I am going to make this (but on the breadboard) hence the attiny and parallel port connector. I will add that to the origanol topic.