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What to cast? Answered

Hello, I plan on casting some aluminium soon. However, I haven't decided on what to cast.... any ideas??


alrigth so i tried it, total fail:P wrong type of sand so the cast only got to like a cm in depth before collapsing...... tried again and the steel pot i used as a crucible burned through...... getting a new(thicker) pot soon and gonna add some clay to the sand, I read online it helps to keep the structure intact. just to answer my own question, I tried casting some seal stamps!

I use an oil based sand I get off ebay, it's called Petrobond.

The guy will sell you a single box for about $30.00 shipped.

You dont have to worry about moisture or clay content with this sand, it just works.

It would depend on how much flex the alloy had.

With any sort of bow, there is no 'elastic band' that powers the bolt, instead the arms are the parts that flex and provide the spring to fire the bolt.

Jewellery - easy, profitable and different.

Jewllery - pendants & what-not.

hmmmm not really the jewelry type, might be good way to make S.W.M.B.O. happy though:P

True, or to earn a few extra pennies on craft stalls or eBay.


3 years ago

Knex, you would have the strongest structure around!

Well, there is already metal lego so metal knex is a unique thing.


3 years ago

If you're going to be sand casting, keep in mind that you won't get much in the way of fine definition. I would start with something like an ash tray or a good luck horseshoe or anything that can be refined with simple tools; a file, hacksaw, a Dremel Mototool, or an angle grinder.

I would not say you wont get fine detail. I get unbelievable detail with all my

sand castings. I use petrobond and sell my items at work, the customers love it.

true, however for a first time mould maker I dont think making something elaborate is the way to go

well I've seen quite a few fine detail castings around here, but it would probably be best to avoid anything too complicated the first time around.

haha not a bad idea to get things started:P might carve the mould from a tealight!

A gnome. Everybody needs one.

Do you have access to a 3d printer?

I am using mine to print all kinds of animals and parts, and then I use them to cast in aluminum.