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What to do, what to do? Answered

So.... It's me.... Hiyadudez... Here with another forum for y'all... Yeeeaahhh...

Anyway. Recently I have been very bored. Very very bored. VERY VERY VERY bored. OH SO SO SO BORED BORED BORED BORED BORED!

So yeah. For a while now I have been very bored, and me being myself, I want to make something. I need help, suggestions.

Worlds largest _______
Worlds smallest _______
Really long ______
Working Knex ______
_____ wooden ______

SO yeah. I NEED ideas. Any suggestions?



8 years ago


with 2x4's, Wheels and whatnot.

Really long rube goldberg machine
Working Knex mecha-walking suit?
big wooden sword

Or maybe an epically big trebuchet.

You could try a paper/cardboard marble machine. Or a Knex airplane that really flies. Or you could make your VCR Robot Wars out of Knex! :-)

By the way, are you still working on that ball machine?

worlds largest knex merry go round.
worlds smallest TV
really long ball machine track
working knex claymore
working wooden Ballista

Tiniest flyable paper plane?
We've already got a couple of bench-mark projects on the site.

Some sort of wooden puzzle?  A wooden model of Robot?  A poseable wooden model of Robot!