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What to do with 2 Vintage Printer Plotters.? Answered

I recently received a pair of printer plotters, one is 42in., and the other one is only 18in.  I always wanted to do a CNC machine, but wouldn't know how/where to start.

Any Help will be tremendously apreciated.

Thank you,
Jesse M.


Hi Jesse,

There's an instructable that explains how to make a 3 axis CNC machine. I haven't read it yet to know the materials, but the claim is it can be built cheaply and easily

There's a good website about building your own CNC machine that has a ton of links to others who have done the same, the links should give you some inspiration for using your printer plotters.

Also, someone here at Instructables has made a CNC plotter out of old printers (if you're interested).

Good Luck with the project. (Can't wait to see it as an Instructable). ;)

Oh and I almost forgot... there is a whole Guide to DIY CNC Machines here at Instructables. So don't forget to check that out as well... There's 12 instructables on DIY CNC machines from this link.

Sorry I replied so late. I just want to say thank you for your input. I decided that they are a little bit too expensive to modiy them, so I will jus use them for their intented purpose and make signs for stores.
Thank you very much,

No problem. It happens. Have a good one! :)
Liisa (canucksgirl)