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What to do with 50 acrylic rods Answered

I have 49 50 acrylic rods (37/8th inch height, 5/8th inch diameter) and I don't know what to do with them. Any suggestions


Take the rods and glue them to pieces of flat acrylic. You now have beautiful custom made stands to show off your collectibles. (Rocks, dishes, pocket watches, fossils, ...)

I am going to make a stand for my light switch remote control

first thing that came to mind is high voltage stuff then putting an LED at one end hmm.. c an't think of much

they load up an acrylic cube(insane voltage here) with a ton of voltage, and then tap an edge wit ha pointed object. cracks the inside of the cube. (they showed that on pop sci mag)(read a while ago, i forgot how they load the cube with electricity)

That is really cool. I wonder how they did that...

darn I threw out my camera flash capacitor a few months ago

I was thinking more of a peg gun that shoots those

This is what I think you should do:

Put them on ebay. Then give me the link. Then let me BUY THEM!

by 3 7/8 height, I assume you mean, inches?

they are a bit short, but something nags me in the back of my head about static and acrylic rods....

They are cylinders, not disks

Yes, sorry, for some reason I thought that acrylic rods were also used in the making of the Winhurst......my bad.

You could cut them into lengths and make barrels for gauss guns?

... necron... guass... guns? You have my attention. In any case-- those acrylic rods will probably service you best in an aesthetic project. May I recommend a flippin' sweet bedroom modification?

5/8th inch outer diameter

a very very small gun maybe?

Drill holes in a ping pong ball, put light-source inside ball, and rods into holes. Hang up as cool lamp.

any ideas that involve lasers

Not that will look good - if the lasers are being transmitted and reflected properly, all you'll be able to see are a bunch of acrylic rods.

But you can see the actual beam of green lasers

Only if there's something for the light to reflect off, such as dust in the air.

I have one and I have used it in the light and I am able to see the beam faintly

In the dark, it is even brighter

A lightsaber ??

We need a top 10 projects that use acrylic

I got some 4mm thick sheet acrylic today !!

You have a very interesting problem. Care to share what happened to put you in posession of 50 acrylic rods? You could make really bitchin' light-up platform shoes for those Friday nights at the disco... You could use the rods, some mirrors, and some "smoke" to build a very interesting setup with laserlight and acrylic rods.

Cool acrylic furniture.