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What to do with a bricked all-in-one pc? Answered

I have a bricked Dell Studio 19 All-In-One PC, and wanted to know if I could use it for something. It was bricked by a failed BIOS update. There was a program from dell which came installed and updated any other of their software and drivers on the computer. Only after the failed update I found out that updating the BIOS is really unnecessary. The only fix I know for the motherboard is replacing it, and the only place I found out that refurbishes them are from a company in the US, and it's not cheap at all. (I used to live in the US, and moved to Brazil later)

Well anyway, I wanted to know if I can use the computer for something else, like use the monitor for a different computer and use its bluetooth mouse and keyboard on a different computer too. I think the only thing really useful in it is the processor which is already old (Intel E7500 and a 320GB HDD).


Thanks for the help!


ok definitely keep the 320gb hdd, take out the screen and make it into a monitor and yes keep the bluetooth mouse and keyboard, also take out its RAM cards. You can make the monitor and simply searching up make a monitor kit or something. Ive made one out of my laptop and works beautifully.

I tried looking for the monitor kit but I'm not sure what I should be looking for. Do you have a link to any site that has some information on something similar? I know that regular motherboards have input/output for video, but this computer has integrated graphics, and has no input/output. It must be connected directly to the screen. I tried opening it, but one of the screws for removing the stand which covers a good part of the motherboard was stripped so when I have more time I'll try getting it out someway.

http://www.ebay.com/itm/360796463137?_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT .
Yes you are correct about the computer not having input or output. Thats why we are supposed to take the complete screen out and forget about the laptop. The link above is a lcd driver circuit,(one is your computer but outside as a separate module so that you can use an HDMI cord or something.
I bought this its beautiful, you just tell the seller which screen you have and they program it to be used with your screen. All you do is connect the board to you display and the led driver circuit to the board thats all.
Heres a youtube link for more help this guy explains it well.


Hope this helps feel free to ask any more questions.:) Good luck

Ah now I understand. After watching the video everything seems pretty clear now. That's exactly what I need. Thanks, that helped a lot!

Yeah unfortunately I can't find nothing else, although the link gave a bit of hope, it's only for a specific series of Dell computers, and from what I understanded, all of them have either the same or similar BIOS called "Pheonix". But thanks, maybe when I get my hands on a USB keyboard, I can try to do their method of resetting the BIOS (Insert floppy or usb drive with the BIOS file and hold the end key on startup). But thanks for the help!

Give it to a recycling center.