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What to do with a brushless PC cooling fan? Answered

I am making a mini solder extractor fume thing like the legendary kipkay www.youtube.com/watch and i bought all the parts yesterday. however when i opened up the fan box it was a brushless one. I needed a brushed one though... How do i hook the brushless one up and what else do i need?


If it has two wires it doesn't matter that it is brushless.  It has an internal controller.  You hook it up just like you would any fan.

They are brushless so that the designer doesn't have to clean up all the interference a brushed motor would produce in the power supply.  It would interfere with the computer.

I'll second your "If it has two wires"


Almost all pc fans are brushless and the one kipkays useing looks brushless to I don't think it will mater.