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What to do with a bunch of phones Answered

I just got a bag full of house phones, some are chordless, some have chords, they all have their basses and chargers and all the wires too. I was wondering if there were any salvageable parts that i could take, before i donate them to salvation army or something. Any ideas?


Yeah... if you attach 9V to any phone it will turn on (minus dial tone and ringer). You can network a whole bunch of phones together that way on an intercom system if you wire them right. In terms of parts, depending on the type of phone, there should be a bunch. Every phone has at least a speaker and microphone and some sort of bell or buzzer. There should be a couple of switches. You might be able to pull out the keypad and depending on the wiring setup use it as a DTMF tone (touch tone) generator. At the very least, somewhere in the phone there is something that makes touch tones. Older phones with actual bell ringers inside also have large electromagnet coils.

call people! Make a thing for a cellphone?

Well, I once saw a battery powered "intercom" made with a pair of old style phones, using the house phone lines (only NOT using the red / black pair of wires)....I will have to see if I can find that anywhere.

If some of the phones are old enough to have the old carbon electret style speaker / mic See here for a description; But you may be able to get some ideas from here....

If nothing else, you might be able to find a use for the speakers.