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What to do with a saw motor? Answered

I have an old hand circular saw that has a few broken parts and is really kind of dangerous. I was thinking of adapting the motor to something, but can't find a good use (yet). Any ideas?


Could a 6" jointer be powered by circular saw motors?

Tim S.

5 years ago

You could gear it to act as a motor for a self propelling lawnmower...

A friend of mine used a wrecked cordless one to add power assist to an old pushchair he uses to collect firewood.


5 years ago

Old hand saw electric universal motors are noisy power brush series
AC / DC high current high starting torque fractional horsepower
machines meant for short bursts of run time before overheating and
a short life span ( as long as the brushes last  like a pencil lead )..

If it is a portable low voltage 16 to 20 VDC hand saw..
You can make an electric vehicle like the picture.

A house power line hand saw would require 120 Volts AC or DC and 
be unwieldy and dangerous.



You might be able to make some kind of woodworking lathe out of it.
Or you could fit a pulley in place of the blade and use it to drive
something like a buffer or grinder.