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What to do with a wire hanger? Answered

I had to unravel a wire hanger to get a cutting board  from the back of my fridge. Gemmeh Good Ideas! :D 



7 years ago

As you say you like Duct Tape, wire hangers can be used in the same fasion as bailing wire to secure and lash items.

You could use it for my instuctable " blowgun and darts". Click on my profile to find it cause there will be so many others if you search it. They make powerful darts

they make great hangers (seriously, I mean cut and bent to the type of hanger one needs)

replacement needles for a "latch hook" kit, 
object retriever (from water or other out of reach places....and thing that can be picked up with a hooked end)


> replacement needles for a "latch hook" kit
.  Genius! One of those slap-your-forehead-and-say-"Why-didn't-I-think-of-that" ideas.

Or easier yet, the hook used for those "pot holder, etc" makers :-) no "latch" needed. :-)

Thanks everyone!

If all you got is a wire hanger then try bending it into a candle holder. I seen one on the site somewhere. Think it was called a spider candle holder. I was thinking about making some for my sister in-law this year for Christmas but haven't got around to it yet. I been useing my hanger wires to make TV anntena's for myself and oldest daughter and her hubby.

Here's a link.   https://www.instructables.com/id/Making-a-tealight-spider/

Do you want happy, friendly suggestions, or disturbing and potentially offensive suggestions?

Coat hanger material is great for bending into kinetic sculptures (a guy balancing on a high-wire, etc.).

> Do you want happy, friendly suggestions, or disturbing and potentially offensive suggestions?
.  I'd give a tupence for the latter ... if'n I had it. :(

How about a trochar? I'll not go further down the road, without the blessings of the young lady who asked question.

This young lady issues threats and glares to all purveyors of disturbing and potentially offensive suggestions.

Yes, but you're not the young lady in question (or who asked the question) :-) And the longer we discuss it, the more time there is for all sort of weird and disturbing ideas of what to make from a coat hanger can pop into your head....

Car aerial.

Legs of a vibrobot.

Steady-hand game.

Bubble wands.

Thumb piano keys.