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What to do with an IR sensor from an Epson inkjet cartridge? Answered

My Epson Workforce printer has ink cartridges that seem to contain an IR sensor.  It's part of the ink level sensor, I think.  It's on a tiny board the size of a fingernail.  Can anything cool or useful be done with this?



Best Answer 7 years ago

Wow, I used to have an Epson years back.
They sure improved since then.
Using a throw away part like that is fun and tricky :)
Can it be removed without getting Ink all over oneself ? he he
I'm gonna follow this, maybe I can help if a pic is shown.


I can disassemble another one and take photos while I do it. Should I publish the tear-down as an Instructable? If not, where should I put the photos?

The sensor is not exposed to ink directly. There are other mysterious components that are probably relevant in some way.

I'm kind of guessing about the identity of the component. It's just that it has a glassy-looking black droplet thing over it that I've seen on other IR sensor type thingies.

Sure it could be an ible.
When you say black droplet, I think mini Asian processor under soft epoxy.