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What to do with an LCD of an Nokia 6300? Answered

Hi there. Mayb someone can help me out with this.
I was bathing with my Nokia 6300. As you can see on the video, the background lights function but the display does not show anything. Is this permanently broken, is it technical, is it the LCD? I don't know that stuff very well. If the Mobile is broken and can not be repaired - what can I do with the fancy LCD?
Thanks for help and answers.


...bathing with your Nokia?? As goodhart would say, oy vey.

Leave it in the hot press for a day or two, it should revive itself, the screen wont go because the tiny connections are very easily shorted by water compared to the further apart ones elsewhere in the phone...


10 years ago

Well, it seems to me that the "fancy lcd" is the part that isn't working... A lot of electronics apparently damaged by getting wet will start working again when they are thoroughly dry. Leave the covers off an stick it in a warm dry place for a couple of days, and see if it recovers.