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What to do with an old computer? Answered

So I am looking for something to do with this old computer, now that I have a new one. It's ~9 years old.

800mhz processor with 384mb ram
SiS760 integrated card (I've never heard of it either)

I would be interested in making an arcade cabinet, but my own games don't run fast enough on it, and I couldn't get MAME to run (graphics error - surprise surprise).

Here's what I was thinking of:

-Linux, programming playground
-Use it to learn to write a custom operating system (I know this is tough, but I'd love to try)
-Downloading stuff
-Backup (only 100gb hard drive)

I'm not thrilled with any of those options. Suggestions?

Note: I know there was a dead computer contest, but I'm not looking for stuff like that. It's still very much useful, and I'm not ready to smash it.



5 years ago

give it to a old computer shop-school,ebay etc...make sure to wipe the hard drive or you can just take out the hard drive and replace it with a new one.

1. Ensure that ALL data is removed from the hard drive - a full format is OK but it is better to use one of the data scrambling programs that are around (make sure it is a valid program)

2. Recycle it.. At 800 Mhz it it's essentially a door stop.

I disagree. I use lots of 800mhz computers.


6 years ago

Turn it into a media center with MythTV.


Donate it to someone who has NO computer.

I made an old computer into a server, but it had slightly better specs that yours, and it still is very slow. It's nice because it's acting as a print, file, and web server as well as my domain controller. You mention the HD isn't that large, but do you have an external laying around somewhere? My server only had 20 GB... But I had a 1 TB external laying around that I put on there.

Rig it up as a cloud server for your content so you,family and friends can access it from other devices anywhere.
Convert it into a hardware firewall.
An aquarium.

good luck