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What to do with an old digital camera? Answered

Hello guys. I have a Fujifilm MV-1 camera lying on my shelf. My grandma gave it to me, she probably also had no use for it.

It eats 4 AA batteries, takes 1600*1200 JPGs  and  320*240 video, has a tiny LCD and a flash.
It has a 2-phase shutter release switch, so probably it does not have fixed focus. I have found something that looks like a memory card slot (about 4cm long) , and read something about 16MB built-in memory. ( ow )
Also, it feels cheap.

So now I was thinking, what to do with it?

Things I was thinking about:
    -converting it to an IR camera, but I don´t know whether I have a real use for IR images of such low quality.
    -using it to make time-lapses ( I don´t want to waste my D3100´s shutter for that ) - that would mean at least some modification to the electronics.
    -removing unneccessary components ( like the flash )
    -some kind of a case-mod, because it is fugly right now.
    -some kind of power source mod, maybe add a cable adapter, or something like that

Any ideas? No limits - all ideas welcome - from simple hacks to total conversions and anything.

Thanks, guys


I already took it apart, so a case mod is neccessary now.
I´ve had some new ideas:

 -A body in the "classic film camera" style, but made from wood, with a better lens ( or possibly switchable lenses? ) and an additional cable release

-A water and weather proof camera, tough construction, for shooting time lapses at any time ( probably also a better lens )

What do you guys say?   ( I probably should have made this a discussion )



Best Answer 6 years ago

for the memorycard it seems to use a less common type called SmartMedia which according to wikipedia is no longer manufactured (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SmartMedia)

What is available is expensive - though i didn't go out of my way looking for low prices (http://www.memoryxxl.net/index.php/language/en/cPath/2459)

I know this is not "an answer" but it may be useful information

i note the wiki links to some technical specs and pin-layout so it _may_ be possible to hack it for reading something else based on that info (though i didn't check them myself)

Yes, thanks - I´ve seen some of them, about 80€ for a 128MB. Buying these is out of the way. I will look at the layout and see if I could try to convert it for SDs or something.

I found that you can buy an xD -> SmartMedia adapter from china for about 2$ and free postage. xD cards are a lot cheaper and more common. I will maybe try that.

it is at least affordable :-)

I just wonder about the camera supporting bigger capacity cards than what is available on SmartMedia (esp. through (cheap) a adapter).

But if you can get the adapter cheap and borrow or get cheap a xD card to test with, its worth a shot.

I found a similiar device HAMA XD/SM adapter, and it says: "Suitable for the use of xD card in devices with SmartMedia card slot; Supports up to 512MB xD Picture Card." (from http://www.dooyoo.co.uk/other-memory-adapters/hama-xd-sm-adapter/)

Got some xDs at home, we have an old ( but not bad ) olympus camera. Now I only have to order that adapter.

I think I should have made this a discussion, not a question.
I already took the camera apart, and it works. on the table.

Just give the "best answer" to someone with the least best answers (or roll a dice, i see no "bad answers" inhere anyways) and create a new post moving (copy-pasting) the relevant parts of this into it - then make a note here with a link to it.

or just keep going, using a question as a discussion, be a rebel (without an answer) ;-)

So be it. You decided.

Re-purpose it into a new body BUT using removable 35mm lenses there are a lot about - You effectively double to focal length so 50mm acts lit 100mm

I would say more than double. Because this sensor is like.. really really small. And that is the problem, if I put a 50mm there, it will be a super telephoto, and the wide-angle lenses are expensive. I was thinking maybe M39 screw lenses could be ok for this, but seems like they became more expensive already. And I am not taking a lens from my Fed to put it on this camera.
I´ll see if I can find any old lens for a very low price.

Also, tried turning flash on and it probably took so much power from my supply that the camera died. Then I tried to discharge the capacitor... and this thing... scared me like hell. So, probably the next thing I am doing is removing the flash and the cap.

make a TAZER from the flash

Kite photography

Pole photography

Give it to a young relative or friend and encourage to take a photograph every day and send it to you.

Hide it in a geocach and see what you get.

make stop motion films

Put a bigger memory card in it to make it useful.

use it for animal photography modded to use a trip to take the photograph.