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What to do with an old pc case? Answered

Have an old pc case sitting around that i dont use!! Nd i want to get started in case modding but with a twist this one is modded into soethin else not a a pc but sumthing cool and weired!! So far i have coffe machine mini greenhouse and fish tank!!

any ideas you guys mught have?


If the power supply works, mount a car stereo in it with 2 speakers, powered from the pc power supply, or put a powered PC speaker system in it with a mp3 player, like a minni Juke box...

 A couple of years ago I built a welder with two re-wound transformers from two microwaves. I mounted the transformers on a wood block and then screwed that wood block into the bottom of a PC case, and then zip tied the fan from one of the microwaves into the case, and put a light switch in as a power switch. Works great, and its only a bit heaver than the old PC! 

I have a feeling that people wont be too quick to share their ideas with the contest coming up.

 Whatever it is, be sure to document it and enter it into the upcoming 62 projects to do with a dead computer contest!

I suspect that's exactly why they asked!

haha! dont tink im gna enter into the contest !! still working on my first 'ible on a South African traditional drink!!

Why not? If it's done in time I say go for it!

Oh Yes - get that B&Coke 'ible moving China :)

Wow, thanks for the best answer!  I hope this project works for you.  Just be sure and document your progress to make a nice instructible, ok?

By the way, unless you know what you are doing, I wouldn't try to put a TV into the thing.  That caused me so much trouble with my project.

Good luck!

Use it as a foot stool.