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What to do with caster wheels? Answered

I have three caster wheels, 4cm in diameter, and don't know what to do with them.


Almost any "chest" (from a toy chest to a large tool chest) can be made more mobile with them. I used a est of four of them to make it easier to move the wooden box we store the air conditioner on each winter. So we don't have to pick up the unit to move it all (we have hard wood floors, so that helps too).

Throw them at dad, duh. :p

Multi-directional skate board thingy.

Oh, I found one of those in a cupboard at school today - I've built a door on top of it now, as part of some scenery for our school play.

I'm a bit confused here -
You built a door on top of a caster?
Or on top of a multi-directional skateboard thingy?
Or on top of a cupboard?

Whiuchever one it is, that's gotta be some play you're doing. :)

A model door, on top of a flat lump of wood, on top of four casters. The door is a door on one side, and a picture of a garden on the other - Alice goes "through" the door into garden, just before she meets a caterpillar (and a couple of scenes before meeting a certain Hatter...)

If you showed the play in the Carolinas, would that be a certain Hatter-ass?

Thanks for the clarification - and that is some play.
(Gosh, I wonder who's playing the Hatter... ;)

Also, make sure you keep these wheels lubricated with.........

wait for it.......
castor oil

Make a tripod dolly and add a real camera to it.


Attach them to the bottom of a row boat and ride it down the street, make the world that little bit weirder ;)



What happened to your triangular stool idea?