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What to do with dry ice Answered

I have a little bit of dry ice and I can't think of what to do with it.

I have already

  • thrown it into the pool
  • made bubbles with it
  • pointed my laser into it
  • froze a quarter in it
  • a bunch of other things that I cannot remember

Any Ideas? I have an hour left with it


they are illegal you know


Grab a 2 liter bottle. Cut the dry ice into pieces to put into the bottle. Fill up around halfway, add some hot/ warm water. Close. Run. If you want, do that to 3 bottles. Tie them all together along with a rock. Throw it at the bottom of the pool. Run.

Just for informational purposes, in the United States, due to the heightened awareness of terrorist threat, and the fact that gangs were doing this with plastic bottles which had roofing nails taped points outward to the outside of them, the definition of WMD( weapons of mass destruction) has been expanded to include any sort of container which is loaded with dry ice for the purpose of it resulting in an explosion. Detonating anything which is considered a WMD is a felony and pretty much does everything but take away your birthday. So if anyone were to think about trying what was mentioned in GorillazMiko's post they should do so with extreme caution and paranoia. Now is a good time to share some of the rules I like to live by. 1. Don't hurt yourself. 2. Don't hurt anyone else. 3. Don't do anything that will get you arrested. 3a. If you do anything to get arrested, don't get caught. 3b If you do get arrested, get the best lawyer you can afford. 4. If you forget anything else, never forget rules 1 and 2. Fuzzy

I think dry ice bomb would fit the definition of an IED than it would a WMD But just to be safe make sure you register it as a dangerous device and pay the 200 dollar Class III tax. :-)

Not my call in this situation. I was just passing on what a "friend" of mine passed on to me after their training. I mean, because gang members in California were using frozen paintballs they were trying to outlaw paintball guns. Pretty much nothing surprises me anymore. I just hate how the justice system tries to steer the car by twisting on the exhaust pipe. What follows is a short rant to that nature. If there were no guns or knives in the world then criminals would beat us in the head with metal pipes to take what they want. The government would have to start metal pipe control. Eventually plastic pipes would be included since under certain extreme situations severe injuries can be inflicted with a plastic pipe. At some point we would have to do away with all of the pipes so that the criminals would not be able to easily get their hands on them. We wouldn't have plumbing, so people in larger cities would die in the thousands from dysentery and thirst but it would be okay since we had gotten rid of all those evil metal pipes. Then the criminals would start using sticks to take what they wanted. Then we would have to have stick control. Pretty soon we would have to cut down and burn all the trees to keep the criminals from having ready access to sticks. Then we would have to burn down all the houses to keep them from tearing off parts of the houses and using them as sticks. After that we would have to start living in caves again,(you cant have a tent without tent poles and those are sticks)(you also cant have concrete buildings without scaffolding and or cranes and both of those have metal pipes in them which are dangerous!) but it would be okay since it would be because we were dealing with things in such a civilized manner. Then the criminals would pick up rocks to commit their crimes. Then we would have to have rock control. Any normally law abiding citizen caught with a rock larger than three centimeters in diameter on their person, their property or concealed on or within their personal mode of transportation would be fined and possibly imprisoned. Law abiding citizens would have to go over the whole world breaking up all the big rocks into little rocks so that the criminals wouldn't have easy access to big enough rocks to hurt us with. Or possibly we could bypass all of that and just start by actually putting the criminals in prison and let them start breaking up the big rocks into little rocks now and save the trees, the houses and all the effort that would be expended the other way?

Whoah, that... is... AWESOME! And completely true, here in Australia everything is band, so many time I've wanted to go to America just to let of a nice loud firework on a date other than that of the Queen's Birthday. Mind if I copy and paste this and put it in an email and send it to all my friends who will send it to their friends who will send it to their friends, until it has been sent to every body with an email address? Regards, Kryptonite.

Yep! (Note to self: Create a cache of pipes sticks and rocks under the floor of the barn.)

(Note to self: Stay out of Skunk's barn.)

It's not too dangerous these days. All we have is a couple of guard-roosters.

That's like saying you've got pint sized dragons guarding the place...

Nah, get one to lay an egg and get the toad to sit it, you'll get a basilisk/cockatrice

Sounds like a plan! I'm busy with duck season right now, but I can get on to malevolent genetic modifications in a week or two.

A neighbour has a guard-goose. It's a vicious beast...

When I was six, we had some mean geese. They'd come up and attack me! They'd bite my arm and chase me! I still fear geese.

Gooses are awesome, you can raise them from goslings and make them beloved family pets, or family dinner depending on how they turn out....

Ancient Egyptian peasants kept a family goose as a guard goose

Once a neighbor brought two abandoned goslings to my house. I named them, and fed them, and took care of them. They even started following me around like I was the mama goose or something. Then my german shepherd got unchained...

You learn something new every day...actually, I love Egyptian history and factoids.

Nice to know you got a german shepard that can do something, those inbred mongrels they have at dog shows would probably be killed by geese...

Heh. I don't have her anymore. I got a purebred Saint Bernard waaaaaay bigger than me (he did try to eat all the chiuauas and terriers at dog training class...). But I don't have him anymore either. :(

LOL, ah Chih would be a light snack for a Bernard, or Wolfhound for that matter...

In Arkansas, it seems like evolution is taking place right before our very eyes!! I think the mosquitoes have been interbreeding with the geese. Nasty creatures all the way around! :-)

A gaggle of angry ones can really wreck your day!

(Note to self: Hide from the fibies in Skunk's barn.)

ROFLOL! Funniest rant I've ever heard on anything.

It's raining right now, and it is a downpour. Is it like this in Covina?

Not at the moment. Yesterday it was raining a lot. You live in the bay area, right?

To see if I'm older than you. Lolzerz.

I am older than you, but only by a little

put in a bottle add water and put the cap on shazam our own homemade dry ice bomb

Drop them and it will explode into hundreds of shards.. (Very dangerous!!!)

MAKE GO BOOM! put in bottle and poke holes in it about pen size, then put in a tub and run. it blow up real cool like.


Forget dry ice!!! Liquid nitrogen is sooo much funner!!!

You both mean much cooler!

yes it is much cooler (in the temperature sense)

I will tell you what to NOT do! Dont put 3 lbs of dry ice with two frozen turkeys inside a styrofoam cooler. Then forget they are in there for a few weeks. Because its going to stink up the place when you open it. (and your boss will make you clean it up)

Squeeze it and it squeals.

Been there, done that. and it is all used up.

If you (or your parents, cough) are willing to buy you more on demand, you can become a Junior Particle Physicist ooh, I just love the occasional opportunity to be patronizing. Get some isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol, a clear plastic container, like a water bottle, and your dry ice, and you can make yourself a cloud chamber.

Now borrow LinuxH4x0r's americium-241 and watch the particle tracks go by!


9 years ago

All of it is gone because I forgot about it, oh well