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What to do with five posters? Answered

I've got five cool posters that I want to display in my office. My original plan was to have them plaqued, but that gets expensive! Are there any other cool ideas on how to display a poster? Is there a way to make them do double-duty as something else?



I framed mine or you could go shaw shank redemption style and make like a secret laboratory and have a tunnel go from your office to that awesome place of solace and you just use a poster to cover the tunnel or you could always laminate them and use them as a rug or a desk protector

Ok heres whatcha do
Fold them into giant paper airplanes then get to a busy sidewalk and start chucking them down at people
For better effect write stuff on them like "do you wanna go out" or "Did that hurt"

 well you could just use the putty stuff and stick it to your wall or frame them

Try something creative like making one of those pictures where you move your head and the image changes.

That won't work for these posters. I don't want to ruin any of them, either. I found something cool to do with one of them (see my instructables!) and will probably do that for a second as well, but it's too much work for all five.


9 years ago

You could Affix them to your blinds if you have a window, and use one or two to make a laminated cover for your desk.


9 years ago

Make a Cube with them. a cube has 6 sides. Hang it from the ceiling or place it on top of a table. Get 5 pieces of cardboard. Glue/tape them together. Then sticky tack your posters to them (don't glue it, it'll ruin the posters) It's huge and entertaining. You could also see about turning it into a table. Get some lumber and glass or plexi glass. DO the same thing but you can use it as a coffee table.


9 years ago

I'd prefer to keep the ceiling clean...

Get 2 wooden yardsticks and some binder clips for each poster. Clamp a yardstick on the upper back edge of the poster with the binder clips. Do the same on the lower back edge--this gives enough weight to hold the poster straight. Hang by the binder clip handles or the yardstick.

That would work, but I'm looking for something a bit more permanent.

i'm having the same problem but i don't have much wallspace in my room :P

Neat! The only problem is that I'd still like to see the image underneath. I'll remember this though, it may have a use elsewhere in my office!

I'll warn you in advance, this would be complicated. You could make like the advertisers in the mall and create a scrolling display out of the posters. Tape them end to end, making a belt. Make a frame box with one motorized and one free-traveling roller. Add a switch/knob so that you can spool the poster belt up or down and display whichever poster you feel like at the time.

Nifty! I'll consider it... And consider how to do it...

Well, there are other ways to display them besides a plaque. My cousin had a Texas chainsaw massacre poster that she didn't want destroyed, and she was able to buy a frame that was cheap and fit around it. If you are a fairly good woodworker, you could create frames yourself. If I want them to last a long time, I usually have them laminated. You can bribe people at school (but then again, you probably aren't in school, are you? hence the office).

I could have them framed, but that's so... plain and ordinary. If it helps, here is a link to the posters I want to display.