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What to do with four leaf clovers? Answered

I collect mutant clover and have an album full of 4, 5 and 6 leaf clovers. I want to do something with them besides just keeping them in the album or turning them into pendants etc. Any ideas or instructables?


Not the easiest thing in the world...but one way to immortalize the four leaf clover is to electroform it! Remember those strange bronze baby shoes your mother or grandmother keeps in the back of a closet somewhere? Well, it is the same principle.

Electroforming the four leaf clover requires a bit of time and materials, but because it is essentially depositing a layer of metal over a non-metallic surface, once you finish it will last forever. You can make a pendant this way...but be sure to deposit a thick enough layer or it will still be a bit fragile. Lacquer the four leaf clover before it is dried for the best results. I am actually working on doing this this week.

This may not be the best answer...but it is at least an unusual one.

I've never heard of electroforming either, that is truly amazing!

How about framing them in shadow boxes? or making keychains with them instead of pendants?

I'd never heard of shadow boxes before, that's quite cool!

I'm sure they will show off your collection quite nicely!

Wash them off and eat them it adds good luck to your inner chakra.

Leave 'em alone, where they are growing. OK it's too late for what you have already, but why did you start collecting them?


Use them to make a border around a picture in a frame. I think that would look cool and would be a nice way to display them.

well you can take pictures of them before they die and you can collage them into an art piece