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What to do with metal tin? Answered

so theres this broken (battery dead) executive calculator thing lying around my house. I'm not really interested in the calculator.(Anything worth salvaging?) But it was held in a nice thin silver metal box. Measurements are.. Length 9 cm Width 6 cm Depth 0.9 cm As you can see from images there is a hole where the battery would have been changed from on one side of the box. Can anyone think of anything fun I could do with this?


  • Travel board game?
  • Small tool kit?
  • Sewing kit?
  • Wallet?
  • Business card holder?
  • Note book?
  • Pencil case?
  • Store a kite?
  • Fill it full of knots?
  • Fill it full of rockets?

Close eh? Looks the right size for cigarettes, but I don't think that's going to be useful to you. Some kind of wallet? L