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What to do with my old G3 CRT-based iMac Answered

Going through my old stuff i found my old CRT-based iMac G3 it works fine except the screen is a bit green colored. I have the new intel mac and no longer have a need for this what can i do with it? I have no clue about what kinda parts are in this mac or what they can be used for but i am great at following directions... any ideas? - AstroZombie 138


 Turn it into an aquarium

You can load it up with Ubuntu -- see here for morehere for more. I just did this, the result is pretty zippy, although it's not clear what future PPC ubuntu has.

That's odd... All of your photos are reversed! That Mac still has a lot of life in it. The fact that it has firewire indicates that it will run most current software including Mac OS X 10.4.x. I suggest finding a local kid that can't afford his/her own computer and give it to them. It could completely change that kid's life.

It's true. They're still nice little computers. My mom still uses ours as her primary computer. Sure, it's a little slow, but it works well enough! :D

. Once again, I think LV has the right idea. That would be a very good computer for home use. When my collection of old computers/monitors/etc grows too large, I'll post a "want ad" on a local community-oriented site and give most of it away. Unless someone is wanting to play high-end games, it doesn't take a whole lot of computer for what most ppl do. . If you're not feeling philanthropic, there is at least one iBle on making an aquarium out of a monitor and there are many web pages on turning the original Macs into aquariums. Should be the same basic principle.


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I have an newer iMac G3. It is really too slow on Tiger. I can't stand to use it much except for email without atttachments. I am looking for some group that recycles them. They'd be useful to someone who has no computer at all if reloaded with an older OSX or OS9 and some simple programs--then some sort of community support (as you won't be able to keep up with mainstream upgrades). That's what I'm searching for now. If you do computing on a regular basis it's really not that useful. Looking on Craigslist you may not be able to give it away. But that's one thing to try.

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ah, actually although it has fire wire it actually cannot run OS X 10.4x because it cannot read dvd's. i tried to install it before.

An external DVD drive would allow installation of OS 10.4. It could also be done by connecting another Mac that has a DVD drive via Firewire, starting up the other Mac in "Target" mode (hold the letter 'T' on startup.) and using it's DVD drive. Yes. This does work! A third option would be to install a slot loading notebook DVD drive. While many other brands would work, I know the Pioneer and Matshita (Panasonic) brands will fit correctly and boot.

give it away, if you can't find a taker feel free to PM me about