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What to do with old little magnets? Answered

I have 50 old magnets but don't know what to do with them ... Any suggestions?



i used little magnets to store iron screws of different size.

 fridge decor

You can make a pocket game like the silly face board. 1. Find an old Altoids can. 2. Glue a piece of paper in the bottom of the Altoids can, and seal the edges with tape, use a 2"x3 1/4" piece of paper and draw a oval on it. 3. Put some Iron fillings in the Altoids can. 4. Put the magnets on the back and drag them around to make shapes.


9 years ago

I use old hard drive magnets sewn in the base of my shower curtain to prevent that awefull "cold shower curtain touching your legs" syndrome during a hot shower. :)