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What to do with old memory chips? Answered

I have a bunch of old memory chips boards from desktop PCs. Most are 256k.

Any ideas what I could do with em???



Dress up like a survivor of a dystopian apocalypse, then throw the chips at Google employees as they leave work, screaming "you should have warned us!"

It is a shame considering the value when new....
I tried to experiment with the "newer" ones in the 2 - 8mb range per single chip on the module but gave up on it.
To utilize them as they are you need a suitable controller, and I have not found one that can be used the easy way without a whole motherboard around it.
Even just using the memory chips itself is hard as it requires the proper equippment to get them off and handle them - very sensitive to static electricity.

The idea of Kjsrocks is not bad considering the alternatives.
Maybe use them as armour plates on a custom robot, to build a doll house or after removing the chips to use them as dividers in a storage box....

I never thaught of using them as armor plates!

Those would look so cool on a robot

Make some art!

Make a server.

+1 Some Art could be cool !

Might be fun to hack into one, but what would you really use it for? you can buy the same capacity in a small IC like this for $2

If you think quick, the Crafts contest in still open !

an artist I ain't :)))

I was hoping for something more practical/technical


3 years ago

Years ago we used to pop covers off of DRAM chips and create a neat
motion camera by decoding the individual mem locations to pixels on a
screen and set a command to adjust the trip point so that there was 50%
black / white pixels and watch out our window 24hrs day / night amazing imaging.