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What to do with oodles of floppy disks? Answered

I got a TON of floppy disks that my dad's about to throw out, lots of different colors, I'm wanting to make something large, not just a letter holder, or a tote bag. I have access to a shop and a laser printer, as well as resources I could branch out in. Sky's the limit, what would you make?

Sincerely, Mymridon.


I chained most of my 3.5" disks together with string and they're hanging off my bedroom ceiling currently. Also, 5.25" disks would make good candleshades, and 8" disks are perfect for making 3-ring binders out of.

You can also make wall art out of them, as well as quick earrings if they're the 720k 3.5s.

some inspiration: http://loopstyle.se/2012/03/electronic-inspiration/

I've seen these covered on each side with decorative paper and then a small hole is punched near the edge and you can create a hanging mobile with them.

How about full-blown luggage? Carry-on luggage, or a shopping trolley.

Oh! Why not cover a stroller or baby buggy?