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What to do with pager? Answered

Hey everyone,

I got a pager from a hospital (the kind they use at restaurants too to tell you when your table is ready), here's an example: http://www.pager.net/Long-Range-Systems/coaster-pager.html . I accidentally forgot to give it back when I left the hospital and they didn't want it back. So now I'm thinking about what I can do with it. Do any of you have a cool idea for a project that I could make with this?



You could just search for pager, or you could go directly to the Vibrobot!

It's a different type of pager. follow the link to see what I mean

It still has a vibrate function, which means it has a motor you can use for the vibrobot.

Proximity alarm! Yeah! Immediately to my mind: figure out the receiver frequency. Hide a transmitter at that frequency in a friend's car (bonus points for leeching off the car battery, triple bonus for sneaking solar power in there somehow). Keep the on your person. When your friend's car get close, the device will vibrate! OR Take apart an old cell phone and cram its guts into the case, connected somehow to trigger the alarm when the phone's number is dialed. Voila - old school pager using newer technology! And it looks neato.

take the leds out, that pager would make a pretty cool project case, the screen might be useful too, just run the part number through Google

Sorry about that, should work now :-).

The link is broken