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What to do with the cover and little front part of a vertical piano?... ANY IDEAS'???? Answered


I tghought that to find an old vertical piano keyboard cover on on the streets of a big city, happens just once in your lifetime ( or never -more probbable-) . So I brought it to my place with the Idea of doing something... What??...that´s my question to you guys! ....

Thanks in advance ! cheers. Martin


hey ,Hi!

Yes, that´s what I am talking about. I am just trying to find the way to make a console or something like this. thanks for posting! Cheers.

If you are talking about the curved key board cover, Keep it! I'm sure you will get some great ideas from the usual suspects, but if none are to your liking, a nice curved piece of timber (ply) is treasure to a DYIer. Even if you need to keep it for 10 years to find a use for it.