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What to do with these bullets? Answered

In a tool box in my basement, I found some old Remington .22 bullets. What should I do with them besides shooting them or giving them to the police? Any Ideas, Thanks.



Best Answer 9 years ago

absolutely do not do what vince 09 suggested. 22 bullets are rimfire bullets and are crimped onto the cartridge. it takes an excessive amounts of force to pull the bullet from the cartridge (you will literally be bending the brass metal if you succeed) and this force-pressure could set it off. is the picture reflective of all the bullets/cartridges you found? if so you can do something with the shotgun shell. peel it away at the top to expose the pellets and dump everything out and (i go hunting) so we make special purpose shotgun shells sometimes for specific game by only varying the amount of bb's. if you remove the powder do not replace it. the other shells should be shot or given to the police.

considering how old the bullet is it probsbly doesnt work because after a long time the gun powdr in the bullets get old and lose the ability to burn


i personally would shoot them. in todays economy (no matter how cheap the round) i wouldnt want to waste the ammo and let the police have all the fun with the bullets that i paid for. i reload my own cartridges, therefore i know how to pull them apart if i screw them up (you cant reload rimfire, but you can centerfire .22). i have a jig that i got rid of a couple years ago that allowed me to remove the rimfire powder in my old shells for disposal if the casing...DONT EVER MESS WITH ANY CARTRIDGE/SHELL THAT YOU HAVE IT CAN KILL YOU. i used to do what that other guy did with the shotgun shells...dont ever do what he did. shotgun shells are worse than messing with a .22 cartridge. theres more to put a dent in your day... just put them away in a safe location so you can shoot them when you want to go hunting, or target practicing.

PENDING ON YOUE AGE pull the bullet out dump the powder out and light for a good flash

Those are the ONLY things you should do with these. They're live ammo and are not to be messed with. Give them to the police or take them to a firing range (if you happen to have a weapon that fires these).

. As cheap as .22s are, I wouldn't even put them in my gun. . Turn them over to the authorities for proper disposal. Call first - they may get upset if you walk into the station with a sack full of ammo. Be prepared to answer a bunch of questions like where the toolbox came from and how did it get into your basement. You might be better off giving them to a responsible shooter and let him/her dispose of them.