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What to do with this? Answered

I have this LCD and another with 41 pin connection, no main board on them only a small control one.
Any project ideea is welcomed, and if you have any tips and trick how to do it .


Without matching controller board they are mostly good as paper weights, although some try to re-use the polarizing filters for other projects.
There are some generic controllers that can be used on a wider range of displays but without proper info on the display itself it is next to impossible to find one that works.

I used to collect these until I came to the same Conclusion :'(

Try to locate the model number of the LCD panels, it may be at the back. If you are lucky you can find a LCD controller kit compatible with the LCD panels you have. then you can use it as an external monitor for Raspberry pi and all. Please see this instructable also on how to convert the LCD panel. Suitable controller kits are available at Amazon and ebay...


You need the numbers off the board and or screen then google to find out as much as you can.

Prepare for disappointment information may be scarce.