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What to do with this awesome glass bottle... Answered

I recently bought a glass bottle from Micheal's(the craft store) for $1. It is one of those bottles that looks like it would hold a potion in a Final Fantasy game. There are no labels or marks on it and it includes a cork. If anybody has any ideas on what to do with it please post. Sardines454


Layered colors of sand (or salt). Floating 'something' in a jar-eye, monster, fairy, dragon/salamander... Build an electronic project into it (light organ, flashing light, a solar-powered night-light or solar powered robot running around like a trapped bug). Chemistry experiment-grow crystals, plate the inside (or just half) with silver or copper, lava lamp... Ship in a bottle. For more fun, cell phone in a bottle. There are instructions on the internet for putting a full deck of cards, coin or a baseball inside a small-mouth bottle. Trap small insects. Terrarium. Brine shrimp aquarium. Vase. Paint the outside (or inside) and label it-Dreams, Hate, Lust Potion, Dragon Breath, Previous Relationships... Make arrowheads out of the glass. You can display them by sticking them into the cork : ) Candle holder. . . . Nope, I got nothing. Did you keep the receipt so you can take it back?