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What to get my mom on her birthday? Answered

HELP!!! My mom's birthday is in two days. She pretty much appriceates anything. I have about $20. I am already buying her something from Things Remembered, but I want to get her at least one more gift.


Something with a gemstone (cheap) always goes well. I bought my mum a pretty necklace with a goldstone imbedded within, and she just loved it. Hope you get something nice, you'll have to tell me how it goes!

a gift card to her fave store

make her jewelery!!! it is very personal and if you make it nice enough she will always wear it!!!

I like lemonies idea, get her a plant, but a succulent , you only have to water them like once a month. So even my mom cant kill them

How about a plant, it will last. (like flowers, but longer-lived)? L