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What to make of a wood plank? Answered

I have a piece of plywood - 17.5"x7" (thickness- 0.5"). Any suggestions on what I can make out of it?

I'm leaning towards using spray paint (black matte) and decoupage, since I have no access to power tools of any sort to work the wood.

Any ideas would be great! Thanks in advance!


Try to carve something out of it.

You could make a pirate ship around it then walk on the plank....
try wood burning, maybe a name plate for your home,
A shelf
backing for some wall art like a photograph/painting/collage
Cover for a really thick book of magic spells like in harry potter?

Carve a picture into the surface - a small push-chisel should be enough to do that.

It's too short to make a film about...


Paint a picture on it. After all, the Mona Lisa is painted onto a few lumps of wood. Perhaps you can become the new Da'Vinci. But he died before becoming really famous. Such is life.

Make nothing out of it.  A proper wood plank is a thing of beauty in and of itself.  Especially the .5" planks.  Enjoy what you have.


Hey, if it's cedar you could use it to smoke fish in a BBQ.

Mmmm.... plywood-planked salmon.... It's formaldelicious!

And if you eat enough of it, you don't decompose after you die.