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What to use for a shoe sole/ bottom? Answered

I'm making a pair of shoes from scratch, but I am wondering if anyone knows what I should use for the sole/rubber part?  I dont want to use premade parts, or take bottoms from other shoes. Anyone have any ideas? If at all possible  I would like the material to be environmental friendly.


This is an old thread, but figured this might help anyone who stumbles on it later.
Tires are a great idea. Some times, though, they don't quite match the shoe you're trying to make.
Try going to a tire re-threading plant. The tire recycling industry produces tons of rubber dust (in spite the name it is more like tire shavings). You can use barge cement or some form of flexible polyurethane to bond the shavings be it to your shoe itself or into a sheet which you can then cut to shape and glue to the shoe. This allows for a vast variety of sole shapes depending on how involved you want the process to be.

alright Thanks!! I picked up a few a while ago :)

I think it would be really cool to use  a tire that is no longer road worthy

You old hippy you, I was gonna say that.  An old tire makes shoe soles that will wear longer than the feet that's in them.

Good idea.

Thirding the "old tires" answer. They also make great sandals.

Wood, leather, used-rubber.