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What to use to convert U.S.A. standard outlet input to a DC output with the voltage of a battery to charge caps. ? Answered

I pretty much want to use the oulet at home to charge a capacitor, and I wish to know if anyone has knowledge of an AC-DC converter that would be suitable to take the high voltage current to about that of a battery allowing me to charge my capacitor bank w/o any batteries


More generally, it's called a power supply. "Wall warts" are just one particular (common) packaging of a small power supply.

Simplest design, if you really insist on building from scratch: Transformer to bring the voltage down to about the right range. Rectifier, usually bridge rectifier, to convert the AC coming out of the transformer into pulsed DC. R/C filter, and depending on what kind of electronics you're powering possibly a regulator chip, to smooth out the pulses and deliver the DC voltage you're looking for. Websearching on "power supply" combined with the voltage you're looking for will probably turn up schematics for several reasonable designs.

You are looking for a voltage multiplier.

But like steveastrouk said: If you have to ask, you should not do it.

High voltage capacitor banks KILL. This is one of those questions which if you have to ask you shouldn't be doing.


Oh Oh - I foresee a potential death in your family - It may be yours. Mains voltages kill, Questions like yours show a lack of experience that can not be replaced in a few words.

It's called a wall-wart. Go find any kind of portable electronic device, or cell phone, and use the thing that charges the batteries. Duh.