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What tool does one use to unscrew the button screws on the back of a desktop computer case? Answered

An answer would be really helpful to me, as I'm looking to upgrade my computer's video card sometime in the future, but can't get inside the certain part of the back of the computer case, as I don't have the right tool to unscrew button screws.


Take a picture of the type of screw, and post it here.

Excellent suggestion, obviously.

Sometimes there's a small plastic covering over the screws, making it convincingly seem that you can't remove them but the actual screws are just standard types hidden from view and you can pry off the plastic coverings with a knife or something like that. At other times there are bolts inserted and then locked from inside the wood and secured via a hole in the side of the wood, again covered by a plastic covering, you see that often with ikea furniture, in that case you have to look at where the bolts entered the wood and see if there's such a covering then remove it and insert a srewdriver and turn the screws in there 90 degrees after which you can pull out the bolts.

What type of button screws? The kind that has no tool indent and just shaped like a nut? Or the kind that is round or has six sides, and an indent with six sides? If there's no tool indent, then you need a really good pair of pliers or wrench and some elbow grease. If it has a six sided indent, then you need a set of allen/allan keys.