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What type of mixer should i use (diffirent type input)? Answered

Hello . I want to make a op-amp mixer with 2 inputs.
Input 1 : mono signal from mp3 player.
Input 2 : mono signal from overdrive pedal.
(please see the image bellow )

I have op-amp : tl072 and ne5532 and i need the pedal use single power supply.
and the schematic of the pedal i use is show bellow.

thanks for advance !

p/s: sorry for my bad english.


Here's a very simple mixer, that uses a single op-amp, and is single supply too. but would be vbetter with two. Use one as well as the potential divider - make a unity gain buffer from another amp, to buffer the divider.



Thanks you.
I just find this schematic. How is it ?

Very similar to mine, but the biasing isn't as certain.

Try it.