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What type Of Electric Vehicle Would i be allowed to? Answered

I am thinking of putting a Electric Motor ( any size) onto a mini moto frame i have .. i live in the uk and am 14 .. Would i be able to drive it on the road or pavement Etc .. Or what would i have to do to be able to drive it legally


As long as the maximum speed cannot exceed 15mph, it counts as a bicycle, which is all you'd be allowed to ride on a public highway in the UK.

I have tried to get a response from the DVLA regarding power-levels for electric motorbikes (I have a provisional license for a 50cc scooter), but I have had no reply.

Thats interesting, because over here in my neck of the world the laws state anything with a motor (gas or electric) counts as a motor vehicel and you must have a licence or permit to operate. Growing up I had a friend get a ticket for riding a moped on the street without a permit, and the motor didn't even work (he was pedaling it like a bike). Unless the laws have changed to allow it (HAHAHAHA!!) it's still that way.


You have to be 14 to ride an electric bicycle, and it must not exceed 250 Watts.