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What type of HD connector is used with an old 80386 PC? Answered

I have an old 80386 PC and it needs a hard drive. What should I be looking for? And yes, I have good reasons for using it.



9 years ago

If the connector is not an IDE, search the net for FMF (might be MFM) or LRL controllers. I remember having those on my XT and maybe my 2/386. Not sure I remember if 386 machines had that though. You might be also facing some kind of SCSI though I do not remember mobos with on-board before those old 486 server boards with integrated SCSI just my 2C .... also google or wikipedia for hdd controller cables, maybe you see one.


10 years ago

You may have trouble running newer hard drives on this machine, or if it does run it will only "see" part of the drive. That really depends on your OS though. Any IDE hard drive should work though.