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What type of dog would fit into a lifestyle where you live in a small house by yourself? Answered

Wyhen I start college, I'm going to have my own house but I'm wondering what type of dog would fit. I'm thinking something medium sized, something that can occupy itself for a while, and something that would be okay when I went to work. Can anyone suggest a particular breed? Thanks, Shantara


A shih tzu. We have 2 and neither bark or shed. they are not too keen on exercising lol. fine and quiet when we are out but I'll admit they are like velcro when we are home. they travel beautifully! patient, not snippy with kids( I have 4 and 1 is autistic)and absolutely not yappy. I couldn't have 4 kids AND yappy dogs. Maybe I should have done 4 quiet dogs and 2 kids. hmmm. good luck finding you perfect companion. Jenna


9 years ago

I agree a small puppy like 3 months old can't "hold it" for more then 2-4 hours. plus your dog will turn into a very undesirable adult if it doesn't have human/dog interaction frequently. Dogs are one of the most rewarding pet you can have, but you have to work for it. They really do need a lot of attention. I definitely say cat since you can cuddle them and play with them but they're more independent.

well this is a toughy, some big dogs can be a great ncompanionand a great thing to come home to, take Labradors for example, great dogs!, right, will I hate to bring this up, it's unfortunate, but bigger dogs don't live very long, 10 years is great, that doubled with the fract that they are bigger, so any mischief they get into will be magnified... so, lets go for a smaller dog, i'll leave you a couple options, because everybody's different. To start, Carrin Terriers are great little dogs, they're cute, protective, compact,and live a good 15 years. I have a Pure-breed Carrin (Troy) and he loves running around, being lazy, and eating,lots and lots of eating, these are absolutely great, mind you they may bring you "gifts" mice, if you have any, and the occasional lizard (these are bad for dogs, something about their skin) so be prepared. All and all, these are great, because they love a good,loooooooooong sleep, that being when your gone. ok i lied, these are the best...

I agree with NachoMahma- dogs are much too social to be left alone for long periods- a working college student is away from home for many hours at a time (been there,done that)- I think a cat would be a better choice.

. Dogs are social creatures. They need to have a lot of contact with the other members of their pack (that's you). They become "psychotic" (barking, tearing stuff up, &c;) when left alone for extended periods - much like what would happen to a three year old child if they were left alone a lot. Most college students I've seen just don't have the time to properly care for a dog. . If you must have a pet at college, cats can do quite well without a lot of attention.

An electronic one?

Well, if you're going to be away for a good part of the day, you don't want a puppy. And you definitely want one already housebroken, unless you'll have a backyard where you can leave the dog out. I'd say check with your local animal shelters and see if they have a calm adult dog that you like.