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What type of helmet should i use for Mountain biking? Answered

I just bought a biking helmet from walmart. it is fashioned more like a dirtbiking helmet because it has a wrap-around chin protector. but i also have just a regular helmet.  I like the one with the wraparound chin protector but i am concerned that it will be really hot in there. Can anyone shed some light on this? any ideas about the two types of helmets or preferences would be great.  Thanks!



Best Answer 8 years ago

I ride avery often, and i would recommend a 'piss-pot' or traditional style helmet for:
Cross country MTB
Dirt Jumps
Commuting etc.

And a full-face helmet for:
NorthShore etc.

Simplified- get both, and wear the full face when your worried you might fall off.


7 years ago

If the subject is a helmet, I'd recommend to buy an expensive one.

I think you should wear the montain biking helement for off road stuff.

A plain bike helmet

It is a simple question that need a simple answer my answer is; you buy helmet for a mountain biking you choose the best helmet that is you needed thank that is my answer.

I bought a helmet for my motorcycle once and asked a friend for advice. I looked at a cheapy helmet and a nicer one and asked him which one he thought i should get. He said, "Well... if you've got a TEN dollar HEAD... then you should get that ten dollar helmet." I bought the $50 dollar one.

I would go with a standard bike helmet, but if you're doing more towards rough terrain, go with one that covers the back and sides of the head well

I would go with with regular helmet. I am a Boy scout and I have done mountain biking with both types of helmets you've talked about and the regular not raparound works better. Scouts Honor!

Full face helmets are total overkill for general xc style riding. If you plan on dirt jumping, downhill or Northshore, full face is the way to go as it tends to involve higher risks, plus you don't spend as much type slogging your way up hills, so ventilation isn't as important. Try a steep several km long climb in one though, & you'll probably die of heatstroke!!! With cycling helmets you do get what you pay for. The more expensive the helmet the more comfortable & better ventilated it will tend to be. Personally I use Giro helmets, they just seem to fit my head better than any others I've tried! The most important thing is to make sure it fits properly. It should be adjustable so that it fits snuggly on the head without any significant movement BEFORE you have fastened any chin straps. The best place to go for advice is a local bike store, unlike huge superstores you can usually try on the helmets before buying, plus the staff usually know what they are talking about & will gladly give you all the info you need to decide which helmet is best for you. Whatever you go with, enjoy the cycling :D there really is nothing like being out in the hills on 2 wheels

use the wrap around its safer

i myself dont use one but i would suggest a thick one that fills comfortabell when on bell makes pretty good ones.

a slim one would probably be best

There are many helmets that yo can use for your mountain biking, but make sure that it is best things that  you get. Get good Sporting Goods Cycling Helmets as they are major safety products that are very necessary for you to carry with your while you are mountain biking.

If I were you I would go with the wrap-around chin helmet. It provides more protection and is more all around than a regular bike helmet.

well it depends on how hard core you are going to go i would use a bmx helmet for hard core but a regular helmet for easy

It all depends on the type of riding that you are doing, if you are doing mostly downhill riding, or riding mostly above 18(ish) MPH I would recommend a full face helmet/the one with the wraparound chin protector.

if you are doing anything else I would recommend a bucket style helmet, I find them to be more comfortable and less cumbersome

   I race bmx and motorcross and i wear a full face helmet for mx and bucket style for bmx and i like the open feeling of the bucket style but the protection of the mx style.The choice is yours.


8 years ago

  One way you can find out is to test it yourself.  I'd take some extra water in case you start to cook like a turkey!

except burf

For real? No one has answered my question.  I would like an opinion from an experienced mountain biker wheather or not they would choose  a full face helmet or a regular helmet

 motorcross helmets are most commonly used or you could get a normal helmet from target that has a decent sized visor 

 Why not get the kind of helmet the Mountain Bike Pro's use?

Try Niki Gudex - bike pro



8 years ago

   I was helping my neighbor purchase "safe" helmets for her kids and found this site:
  My first suggestion to her was to purchase a BELL helmet at Walmart because they are going to get lost or destroyed.  I could not believe how well rated a BELL helmet is standing next to other expensive brands.
  I learned lots on this site due to the fact that I have never put one on.


8 years ago

Get one that complies with ASTM F1952 Mountain Bike standards and as a personal perference, I prefer one that covers the back of the head as well as the crown. Other than that, just check out what is available and meets your personal tastes and price range.