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What type of ipohone shall i get otterbox or lifeproof? Answered

I need the case to be strong and if there are any other options plz tell me.



am have been debating between the OtterBox Armor and LifeProof myself. I have had good luck with some other OtterBox products but it is $20 higher MSRP, though maybe on Amazon or eBay OtterBox is a little less and gets about 1/2 a star more. their specs seem comparable at the high end: the LifeProof case is a bit more waterproof and has the optional ($10) phone replacement warranty; the OtterBox Armor seems stronger against drop and crush forces. I am comparing the Armor and the Fre:



do not bother with the cheap ones. I bought the OtterBox Defender when iPhone 5 first came out and none of the waterproof cases were on the market yet. it developes a thin film of humidity under the screen cover that is very annoying. (it isn't even dust proof! fortunately I put Zagg skins on it as well.) basically it is just drop protection and that is starting to get so sloppy (from opening it all the time to clean and dry the phone) that it is going to start falling off.

which is not to cross off OtterBox, I will probably get their Armor case.

btw Liquipel is not actually waterproof, just splash resistant or somesuch, read their fine print.

What are you trying to protect against? If it's drops then a bulky otterbox or lifeproof case is the best option but if you want water and debris protection then a service like http://www.liquipel.com/ will coat the surface and components of the phone and make it essentially waterproof. They do also sell skins that are apparently drop and scratch proof.