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What type of laptop I should buy if i'm going to use autoCAD program ? I'm a student in building design course Answered


It depends on your budget. I recommend Lenovo ThinkPads. Look for something with an NVidia quadro graphics card. These cards are specifically built to handle tasks like CAD and they're clocked lower than their gaming counterparts so that they run at lower temperatures and last longer. (And yet, I've found it better than okay for gaming.) I got mine with a 1920x1080 panel because I use it for watching movies too, and I opted for the quadro 2000 over the 1000. Overall my build was $1900 but if you don't need the extra stuff you can get the basic model of the W series for a lot cheaper. Plus, there's a holiday discount right now:


Also, try looking for "workstation laptops." HP's Elitebook series and Dell's Precision series are both similar alternatives. The only shortcoming that seems to be common to the all of these laptops is that their speakers are terrible. They're designed to be used for business, i.e. call conferences, so they might not sound too great for media. (I use headphones so it didn't matter.) Also, the trackpad is shabby - don't even think of comparing it to a mac - but the trackpoint (the big red button) more than compensates if you get used to it.

I think you'll find that these business-oriented laptops, while somewhat more expensive, are better built and more reliable than their consumer counterparts. Remember, key term "Workstation laptop." Best of luck!

Thank u so much Sumdude!! you gave me a lot of information :) ... that'll be my holiday pursuit hahha ... yeah .. i can only afford no more than 1300$ .... but yeah i checked on the link you gave me and it doesn't seem very unaffordable to me luckily ;) .... so yeah .. Workstation .. i'll keep it in mind as well .. thanks for the wish anyway , cheers !


6 years ago

If you're going to be using a 3D autocad, you'll need plenty of processing power, a fast graphics card, lots of RAM and a good 64 bit OS wouldn't hurt. If 2D, then you can scrimp a little but I'd still recommend you load up on as much RAM as you can get.


Answer 6 years ago

thanks Burf ! I think it's likely that i'm gonna be using both of them ... so as you suggested i'll try to get something with good processing power ... will 3.0 GHz or higher be good enough? .. how about the , eh , display resolution .. any recommendation? and , do you think any particular brand will have some advantages on the others? .. thanks ,anyway :)