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What type of motor or parts would I need to create an automatic lowering antenna (90 degree turn) for my CB radio? Answered

I"m trying to replicate something similar to these:




asically, I'd like to have a 3-4' fiberglass whip that I"d like to raise/lower at my desire.  I'm unsure of which type of motor or parts to use- would anyone be able to assist with a parts list of some sort for this type of project?  


FInd a windshield wiper motor in the local scrapyard, for the type shown in the video. You'll need a couple of microswitches to limit the movement. the rest is wiring. I'd prefer a couple of relays to stop the switches having to handle too much current.

The circuit I've attached used Radio Shack parts, you'd be better using automotive relays for the relays in a car application.

Replace the bottom left relay ( and the "digital timer") with an SPDT switch - connect the NC connection to one microswitch, connect the NO connection to the other, and ground the common.

Arrnage the motor and switches so that when the motor raises the antenna, it pushes one switch, which opens and stops the motor, and conversely, another switch at the other end of the travel.

Hen door relays.jpg