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What type of potentiometer should I use to limit two .25W speakers? Answered

I need to limit the volume of two .25W speakers with a small potentiometer.  The speakers will be played and powered by a standard MP3 player.  I need to know which type of potentiometer to use (power rating etc...)




Don't use potentiometers (alone) - wrong.
You can run the input across a pot (like steve suggests)


Why not just turn the volume on the MP3 player down ?

Good question. I can't say exactly what the device is, but it deals with infants and I don't want to get sued so I want to ensure that the volume can't become loud enough to cause damage.

a pot wouldn't be very effective, you need a pretty low value one. Add some series resistance to make it really quiet first, set it so that when the player output is maximum, the speaker volume is acceptable.