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What type of resistor? Answered

Can anyone help me I'm not very good with electrics but I would like to know how to find out what type of resistor I would need to run power from my ps3 power supply to the fan... If I wire it straight it's running way to fast and would like to set it to a lower speed. I have used a 220k potentiometer in the past but dont want to have to adjust it plus they are to bulky is heir a certain kind I should b looking at??


Why not use the built-in fan? It is already speed controlled based on the temperature of the machine.

If you are running an auxiliary fan, you could just build a speed controller that copies the pwm speed of the built-in fan.

I am still using the original ps3 fan but I have the old fat model that overheat a lot. It all works fine apart from the main menu wher the ps3 gets dangerously hot before goin up a gear... So if I run my own power to the ps3 remote wire it will run slightly higher then in gaming as always the ps3 will nock it up a gear by its self.

original fats never had problems with overheating unless the heatsink was dirty...Why do you think it's overheating?

Origional fats have always had a problem.. Their was so many returns on firs release. Plus ps3 forums have pages of poeple who have suffers the ylod (yellow light of death) where the CPU n gpu have got tho hot and come apart from the main board.. I have repaired a couple myself.. And after setting the fan higher with a potentiometer they have had no problem since. My ps3 has custom firmware on it so it tells me the temp of the chips... During gaming it runs at a good temperature but on the menu screen the temps get dangerously high.

I only say that because I bought seven of them - maybe I got lucky, but I had 7 60GB fat bought in late 2006/early 2007, sold 3, and the ones I kept for friends and family were rock solid until very recently. None gave the YLOD indicating a bad bga solder. Not saying you're wrong, just saying my evidence is to the contrary. Perhaps your CFW isn't spooling the fan up based on the temperature. (fan controllers go on temperature, not cpu/gpu load).

If I recall the main fan is 12V. If you added a couple diodes so that the absolute minimum voltage the fan gets is somewhere around 7V, connected in parallel to the 12V pwm, you could have it never spool down too low, but when the load goes up, the pwm would still speed up the fan.

Yeah im the same I hav had my ps3 for maby 5 years with no problem but I baught a new one to hack it and this is when I noticed it running high on the menu screen.

That's sounds like what I am lOoking for.. But I don't no what they are or what they do.. I will look them up, is their any certain type I will be looking for??

Thanks for your help

Ok so it looks like the diode works in a similar way to the resistor's I was looking at??

Do I just try different voltage's untill I find one that runs the fan at a speed I am happy with?


5 years ago

if the voltage drop across the resistor is large, you will dissipate a lot of heat, and therefore need a higher wattage rated potentiometer.

Thanks for the reply guys. Quatch.. I'm trying not to use a potentiometer. I have use them in friends playstations but don't want to have to adjust it myself..