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What type of rubber will glue to acrylic and not smell bad? Answered

I would like to glue rubber to acrylic (and leather/cloth potentially). Neoprene worked perfectly, but the smell is horrible. Is there another type of rubber that will easily glue to acrylic and not smell? Silicone maybe? Natural rubber? I have read that both of these also potentially smell, but clearly someone has figured out how to use these without the odor. (...and do you happen to know where to find sheets of this material?)


How big are the sheets? I've seen A4 (paper) sized one on eBay before, alos in different colors.

The smell of Neoprene fade as any wet suit wearer will tell you.

I would get an exercise mat and cut it up.

A rubber based cementy will glue these things best, superglue may work well but isnt water proof.

Chloroprene cement is a contact glue if you let it dry, pretty much like uncured rubber.
If you have a breathable material you can use the glue wet and be able to move the parts until the stuff dries and bonds.
Smell is always there as you need a solvent to evaporate, once that is done there is no further smell.