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What type of tank should I build? Answered

I am planning to build a ~2:5 scale tank using this video as a guide. I am trying to decide whether to build the base as electric or gas powered like he does in the video. Electric may be less powerful but it is easier to assemble. (for me at least) I may even make an Instructable on it when I get the time. Any suggestions would be welcome. Although I have pretty much settled on a modern M1A1 Abrams-style design for the shell, my mind could be changed.


I would've thought that at 2:5 scale, you'll struggle with anything BUT a gas driven version, from battery life issues alone. Are you proposing to take this thing "off road" ? How about a gas/electric setup. Gas engine drives alternator, alternator drives motors. Its a very flexible system, with the controllability of electric, and the capacity of gas.

I've been trying to build a tank for 6 years. My family owns a junkyard so I've tried using hydraulics, transmissions, and electric motors. The motors are great to build but they can't haul much weight. Then I found a go kart differential, gearbox and brakes. Works great! Love to help you further if you need.

even if, somehow, it moves as an electric version, the only place it could possible go is a nice, flat, street; not an average airsoft field.

I am building a 2/5 scale sherman m4a3e8 tank. My tank's drive train uses a gas engine and a custom built transmission. you can see some more pictures of my tank at http://sites.google.com/site/qazwsx755website/projects-under-construction/2-5-scale-sherman-m4a3e8-tank


omg i was gonna say build a sherman D:

Yeah but the abrams looks much more threatening.