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What types of transformers are these? and what are these other things? Answered

I know most of these are transformers, but i want to know what type they are, and how i can figure out what voltage they put out. most of these circuits are from a rear projection tv except for the one that has a single transformer on it. I am new to this type of stuff and want to make something that creates sparks at least 1 cm long, and also can any of these be used to charge capacitors? Also can any of these be used to create a high voltage over 1kv?


It seems that the two last picture belong to HV circuit of you TV...The part with two thick red wire might be a voltage multiplier that generate HV about 25KV and the transformer nearby might be the main flyback transformer that generate relatively lower voltage...So for the beginning take some time to figure out what exactly that transformer is (VOGT-R8)...you might be able to directly use that circuit just by powering it up, But be so careful about that as soon as you plug enough power to the driver circuit it generates lethal voltage on its output (Tow red wire). also be aware the the voltage multiplier stores high voltage inside even for long period of time, So before touching it try to discharge the circuit output...
the part you see in picture 2 and 3 are not transformer...they totally look like but they are not...they are coupled inductor that use as a sort of filtering technique...


5 years ago

These good pictures are of isolation transformers most are step-down
( going from a higher AC voltage to a lower  AC voltage ). 
Several have more then one output secondary winding
ie ( able to feed power to separate isolated circuits ).

You are looking for a Flyback transformer and see Plasmana;s
very excellent ible.


so to make sure, none of these are flybacks? cuz i i thought one would be since i know tv's have flybacks in them.

The EUC120P11 in the last two photos is a high voltage lamp ballast.

These look like power supplies and step down is a good guess however this is a power supply and this transformer is a step up transformer.


so how would i know what voltage it needs in and its output? and thank you for the answers, and do you think any of these transformers can be used to create high voltages?

Some will be marked on the transformer.

Some will be marked on the circuit board.

Some you can find out by tracing the circuit on the circuit board.

Some you look up the maker and the transformer by part number and get the datasheet.

Some you just know by experience.

And last, some you build a 555 timer flyback driver, hook it up to the transformer just like a flyback, turn on the power and find out what the transformer does by measuring the output on the leades.

The presence of high voltage insulation as in your last two pics
of the Holland transformers suggest they could be resonant
flyback devices.

You need specialized equipment to measure voltages that can ionize
a centimeter of air.


thank you very much for the information on flyback transformers, my parents are gonna throw out the crt tv so if anything i can get the flyback out of there (extra carefully) and i have a tv not being used in my room which im pretty sure is gonna be thrown out too (also crt) lol we are late in upgrading our tvs :) well anyways ty for your help.

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Vertical ferrite core transformer

Ferrite core Inverter transformer

Ferrite core Inverter transformers

Horizontal ferrite core transformer

Vertical ferrite core transformer


Horizontal ferrite core transformer

Ferrite core Inverter transformers

Could be a flyback

Toroid Transformer and Inductor looks like a donut.

Outputs you test and measure.