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What value resistor do i need to make 24v 2.48 amps 22.5v? Answered

I have 24v and 2.48 amps i need 22.5v what value resistor should i use?

also could you show me how to get the answer i love learning about electronics I am using this to power 5, 5mm leds that operate off 3lr1130 button cells each


Why do you need 22.5V & 2.48A?
You're going about this the wrong way man.
Say "I've got (this) and it's spec' is (this), how should I power it from (this).
You've done some working out then got stuck, give the calculations you've done so far - it'll help.


Ohm's Law is your friend: V = I × R. Therefore R = V / I . Here, "V" is the voltage drop you want (V = 1.5). Plug in your numbers and get your answer.