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What videocamera do you use to film your Knex models? Answered

I'm looking for a camera (preferly not to expensive) to make some videos of my knex models. Like ball machines or rollercoasters.

I bought a canon fs200, its decent and cheap. However the video format isn't supported by windows movie maker!


i use a kodak 14 megapixels camra

With the Canon FS200, you probably want to get some video converting software!

if you want to get a camera for the rides buy... The Extreme Video Coaster. It is a video camera with a coaster.

There are some to the left of this right now. Check them out. Or you could try amazon.com.


I use a Canon Ixus 80 with 8.0 mega pixels and 3x optical zoom. I got it for £160.00.

hmmmm that depends where you live and how much money you have but i use a kodak easysharez1285 and now i just got a cyber shot dsr-w55 but i will more likely be useing the kodak (the kodak is better and it has hd video and 12 mega pixlesbut high pirce)(the cyber shot is $170and has 7.2 megapixles and 3x zoomand kinda low pirce)

I used an JVC GZ-MG130. Perfect quality with 30 gig harddisk.

How about a 25-30 dollar mini hand-held cam from Wal-mart.

HMm... I live in Holland, so there's no walmart here :/. Anyways im looking for something decent with a good price / quality though, my budget is like 250 €.

What's that in US dollar?

250 euro is like 350 usd at the moment

Anyways, ive been looking at some cheap HD camera's now.. like Toshiba's Camileo and some others.. They seem ok, but the image stabilization isn't that great though.